Best Musical Vacation Spots

Do you listen to music when you go on trips? Why not make your whole vacation about music? There are so much great vacation spots for music lovers, where you can spend your whole vacation listening to great music and having a great time. These are vacation spots from all over the world, where you can have fun listening to music and enjoying your holiday.

New York

Do you love musicals? New York is the best place to be for you. Broadway is the best place for musicals in the world; all of the best musical theater actors and actresses come to New York. The best part about this trip is that there are so many things to do. If you decide you don’t want to go to the theater that day, you can plan a day in NYC, eating food or going clubbing or whatever you want! And at night you can see plays like Les Mis, The Phantom of the Opera, or Hamilton. There are so many options for the theater lover in NYC!


Chicago has the best alternative music festival in the world: Lollapalooza. It features bands like Jane’s Addiction, Nine Inch Nails, Twenty-One Pilots, and other greats from the alt-rock world. The Foo Fighters have also performed here, so there really is something for everyone! Lollapalooza lasts for 3-5 days, with different bands performing each day. Just make sure you choose a good hotel; some of the Chicago hotels are a little cheap. Some bad hotels could use some mouse baits to catch the rodents… Make sure you read the hotel reviews and pick a good one!


Manchester in England has some great rock festivals, featuring bands like Slipknot, Korn, System of a Down, and Stone Sour. These festivals are a ton of fun! They’re like a best mouse trap from Insect Murderer… They just keep you there! You won’t want to leave when the festival is over. There are so many fun things to do, such as try the craft beer, see the sideshow tents, or just listen to the bands play.

Los Angeles

LA is the music capital of the United States. New York has Broadway, LA has all the recording studios. Because there are so many bands there, there are concerts going on all the time. And not small concerts either; bands like Rage Against the Machine played there all the time simply because that was their hometown. If you love rock music, this is the place for you. Since most of the venues are pretty small, you will be up close and personal with your favorite bands. I’ve seen Green Day play live in small clubs just for fun. But beware: LA is a big city, and those concerts sell out fast! But if you can get into one of those small venues, you are sure to have a great time. I know I always have! Just remember: online pre-ordering is the way to go!

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How to have a holiday outdoorsEven though the snow has finally melted away, it is still very cold and wet out there. Winter is not quite ready to say good bye yet. But little did she know that no matter how ferocious she chooses to be, she will never be able to prevent adventurous holiday makers from taking yet another trip of a lifetime, whether it is high up in the Swiss Alps or the Himalayas or even in the middle of a blizzard right in the middle of their route between Bristol and Glasgow. But while winter gleefully unleashes yet another storm cloud burst, unhappy and less adventurous folks can pipe up and still enjoy themselves at home, as though they were already on holiday.

An indoor barbecue second to none

Click here to sample the choices of electric smokers you will have at your disposal to respond to yet another call to gather the neighbors and have a whale of a time while the rain pelts your windows. This is indicative of a fine example of how innovative the socialite in you can be while it’s still too cold and inclement to gather your best mates together out on the patio. Here, you can still have a prime barbecue sheltered from the bad weather.

And when your favorite cuts and ribs are all done and ready, just the way they like it, everyone can gather around the self-help table in your dining room and help themselves to saucy and cheesy salads and warm potatoes and vegetables. You can even have a get together reminiscing over past trips. How do you do this? Well, it’s simple really. Haul out your favorite photographs, slides and home movies, put some light, background music on, and give your interested friends the show of a lifetime.

Keeping yourselves warmly inspired

While you’re secretly being inspired yourself, you’re motivating your stay at home mates to get off their own backsides and helping them realize that a trip abroad or even across to the continent is highly affordable. A proper gas smoker also helps you to save both time and money. It may not be a barbecue, it doesn’t have to be, but smoking your meat is entirely ideal for indoor dishes and meals. Guests will never need to go hungry.

They don’t ever need to be bored either. Please regale them about your most memorable moments overseas. Don’t forget to tell them about your most embarrassing moments either. All these and more are part and parcel of what makes up the finest holiday anyway. But what if you’ve never been anywhere, ever? Well, surely by now, you’ve come to realize that through guidance and inspiration, at least one vacation is possible in your lifetime.

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Travelling is a favorite pastime for many individuals and global tourism has become a business industry on its own as different regions have continued to up their efforts over the years with regard to attracting more visitors to their particular spot in the world.

One essential element in one’s travelling itinerary is the initial collection of information on the particular place that they plan to visit. That’s what we’re here for! It is important for one to know a little about the country they are travelling to especially if they plan to be responsible for the level of enjoyment they are able to partake in.

Exploring is always a good way of discovering new things but this does not always relate to every situation. People visiting new countries for example may find that knowing a little bit about the place they are going to helps in planning the activities they aim to take part in upon their arrival. These are just some of the most important elements that a traveler should look out for when planning a great vacation:

  1. Travel Expenses

The cost of traveling to a destination should always be the first thing that is considered by people planning on taking a vacation. The cost is what initially determines the viability of the destination as it would not be wise to attempt traveling to a place that they may not afford to reach. There are a number of factors that affect the cost of traveling to a particular destination. Some of these factors include details such as the means of transportation that one plans on using. Air travel in most cases is the most expensive option available to an individual while depending on the destination chosen one is able to make use of other means such as road and water transport. It should be noted that apart from the costly expenses of air travel, it also the fastest means of travel in most cases. Individuals who may wish to save on money can either choose an alternative means of transport or develop a combination of all the various options that is better suited to their budget.

  1. Available Activities

The activities an individual plans to take part in should also determine the destination that one settles on and not the other way around. This is in order to buff up the preparation process as well as to enable the individual to properly put their finances in order for the upcoming trip. As an example, imagine you’d want to partake in an epic water adventure. After some research, you might reach a conclusion that kayaking is one of the neat activities you should probably get to know, now.  Getting to know the art of kayaking (here’s a good place to start:, for example, then the destination should be one where you’ll be able to get full use of the product in question (nice kayak) and thus a little bit of research is needed in such occasions. Looking up the activities that available in the particular destination will also help an individual in determining the particular region they would visit upon arrival.

  1. Weather

The weather is another element that should initially be taken into consideration when one is planning on taking a trip to a particular destination. The kind of weather available at a certain region at the time of travel will determine various elements such as the type of clothes that one should pack for the trip.

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