I’m a big fan of art from all eras. I make a point to look at small galleries of art wherever I go on vacation. But sometimes I want to spend my whole vacation in a museum, looking at the amazing artwork. Sound a bit odd? Well, I’m sure I have people who would love to join my in my artistic travels! Here are some of my favorite destinations for beautiful artwork. Close your eyes, and take a beautiful artistic journey with me to my favorite vacation spots.

Florence, Italy

Florence is the home of Dante, who wrote the magnificent work The Divine Comedy. Every year Florence has an arts festival to honor the great poet; you can see all of the original artwork for Heaven, Purgatory, and Hell… The Hell artwork is my personal favorite because it is the most emotional. You can also find the works of other great artists like Da Vinci here; the Italian Renaissance was birthed in large part from Florence. You can find some of the world’s most influential art here in this beautiful city.

New York City, USA

The Metropolitan Museum of Art in the middle of Manhattan rivals the largest European museums; the Met, as it’s known to natives, takes up almost 4 city blocks and is filled to the brim with stunning paintings, sculptures, and unearthed archeological finds. And you won’t just find European and American art; you will find art from ancient Egypt, Africa, and Greece. The Met is perfect for history nerds like me as well as art buffs. No matter what culture you’re from, you will find out more about your roots from the Met. In addition, since it is centrally located you will be able to eat out at the best restaurants and stay in wonderful hotels. I’m a big fan of the Ramada on 3rd Ave… I got a great indoor basketball for the trip from Patio Sport because their basketball court is so much fun to play on!

Paris, France

I’ve saved the best for last, because one cannot have a real discussion about great art without talking about France. France was the next great artistic capital after Italy; it took a bit of the spotlight way during the late 1600s onward. The Louvre in downtown Paris is one of the greatest storehouse of art on the planet; the most famous piece of art, the Mona Lisa, is stored here. France is also a great place of food, culture, and fashion as well. I’m really glad I took some French classes in high school, because the local French people are very willing to let you practice your French on them, and they want to practice their English on you as well! If you live in the United States especially, you will love French culture. Just remember to be polite, open-minded, and don’t assume everything will be the same as what you’re used to. That goes for every culture you travel in, if you want to have a good time!

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Best Musical Vacation Spots

Do you listen to music when you go on trips? Why not make your whole vacation about music? There are so much great vacation spots for music lovers, where you can spend your whole vacation listening to great music and having a great time. These are vacation spots from all over the world, where you can have fun listening to music and enjoying your holiday.

New York

Do you love musicals? New York is the best place to be for you. Broadway is the best place for musicals in the world; all of the best musical theater actors and actresses come to New York. The best part about this trip is that there are so many things to do. If you decide you don’t want to go to the theater that day, you can plan a day in NYC, eating food or going clubbing or whatever you want! And at night you can see plays like Les Mis, The Phantom of the Opera, or Hamilton. There are so many options for the theater lover in NYC!


Chicago has the best alternative music festival in the world: Lollapalooza. It features bands like Jane’s Addiction, Nine Inch Nails, Twenty-One Pilots, and other greats from the alt-rock world. The Foo Fighters have also performed here, so there really is something for everyone! Lollapalooza lasts for 3-5 days, with different bands performing each day. Just make sure you choose a good hotel; some of the Chicago hotels are a little cheap. Some bad hotels could use some mouse baits to catch the rodents… Make sure you read the hotel reviews and pick a good one!


Manchester in England has some great rock festivals, featuring bands like Slipknot, Korn, System of a Down, and Stone Sour. These festivals are a ton of fun! They’re like a best mouse trap from Insect Murderer… They just keep you there! You won’t want to leave when the festival is over. There are so many fun things to do, such as try the craft beer, see the sideshow tents, or just listen to the bands play.

Los Angeles

LA is the music capital of the United States. New York has Broadway, LA has all the recording studios. Because there are so many bands there, there are concerts going on all the time. And not small concerts either; bands like Rage Against the Machine played there all the time simply because that was their hometown. If you love rock music, this is the place for you. Since most of the venues are pretty small, you will be up close and personal with your favorite bands. I’ve seen Green Day play live in small clubs just for fun. But beware: LA is a big city, and those concerts sell out fast! But if you can get into one of those small venues, you are sure to have a great time. I know I always have! Just remember: online pre-ordering is the way to go!

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I enjoy taking a rustic vacation every once in a while. A resort is a wonderful place to stay for a holiday, but nothing beats the feeling of conquering nature during your vacation. However, you have to pick your vacation spot carefully. Your natural, rustic vacation could turn into a very miserable, unhappy stay very quickly. I’ll share a few of my personal favorite vacation spots for travelers all over the world. The only rule is that they have to be wilderness destinations!

The Smoky Mountains

The United States and Canada have some of the best wilderness vacation spots. There are so many undeveloped portions of the US and Canada that are wonderful for the wilderness traveler. The Smoky Mountains in East TN and North Carolina are perfect examples of this. The Smokys offer a perfect blend of wilderness and comfort. If you start your vacation camping in the national park and decide you’d rather not, there are plenty of hotels and resorts for you to choose from.

The Garden of the Gods, Colorado

The Garden of the Gods is a natural rock formation that offers a perfect travel spot for the wilderness traveler. There are campsites on top of mountains as well as in valleys, and hiking enough for the most daring traveler. Make sure you pick up a good-quality survival knife, such as this one here: http://asklancelot.com/best-survival-knife. You will need all the survival gear you can get in order to have an enjoyable vacation; there are lots of animals around during some seasons.


Yellowstone is one of the most famous American national parks. It is home to natural geysers like Old Faithful that you can watch. It also contains natural populations of buffalo, wolves, and black bears, which can be hard to find naturally in the US anymore. There are all sorts of campsites within Yellowstone, but they are very strict about messing with the natural environment. I would recommend buying a high-quality hunting knife, but do not go around cutting the trees or damaging the environment with it. “Take nothing but pictures; leave nothing but footprints” is the motto for the national parks.

The Swiss Alps

This is a non-American entry to the list, but it is so well worth it. Europe is unique because there are so many more opportunities for travel. In the US travel is largely limited to cars and buses and planes, but in Switzerland travel can be done on foot or on bikes. A biking tour of the Alps is an unforgettable experience; I would say it beats every experience the US has to offer. If you have the opportunity to take a trip to the Alps, do it. You can even stay in hostels along the road if you’d prefer not to stay in tents every night. You have the choice of how rustic you want to be. If you have the opportunity, take this trip. You won’t regret it.

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Got any plans for your next trip? Want to try something new while on your travel vacation? Why not birdwatching?

Birdwatching is a great hobby for anyone who loves travelling. You get to enjoy scenic sights at the same time you’ll be amazed with different species of birds. Take note that we have around 10,000 species of bird. So, if you think you’ve seen the most beautiful bird, think again! You haven’t seen a fraction of it.

Although you can see birds pretty much everywhere, some travel destinations are popular for their amazing birdwatching opportunities and unique endemic species. Birdwatching does not only let us observe birds and their fascinating features and habits; it also gives us opportunity to slow down, meditate and appreciate our surroundings. Here let’s talk about some of the best destinations for birdwatching.

  1. Madeira, Portugal

When travelling to Madeira, don’t forget to bring a reliable bird watching telescope like the one here: https://likehubble.com/best-spotting-scopes-for-bird-watching/. Considered among the top destinations for bird lovers in Europe, Madeira boasts of over 46 different bird species that consider this paradise island its home. It is a perfect destination for everyone who wants to discover and relax with nature.

  1. Kruger National Park, South Africa

The Kruger National Park provides grassland and savannah habitats for some 500 bird species. It covers almost 20,000 square kilometers that is home to spectacular bird species that include Martial eagle, Southern Ground-Hornbill, and glossy starlings. As a bonus, you can also observe extinct animal species such as lions, rhinos, elephants, etc.

  1. Loophead, Ireland

The serene coastline, wetlands of Loophead makes it an ideal destination for birds. Kittiwakes, guillemots and other migratory birds are among the most common species that you can see here. The Loophead Lighthouse is the best place to set up your scope for birdwatching. If you still don’t have a scope, you can check the bird scope reviews at https://likehubble.com/.

  1. Narathiwat, Thailand

If you want to see exotic bird species of Asia, the Hala-Bala Wildlife Sanctuary must be on your list. Located in Narathiwat in southern Thailand, this sanctuary serves as home to garnet pitas, Malaysian rail babbles and reddish scops owls. Whether you are a casual or a serious bird-watcher, you will definitely fall in love with Narathiwat’s landscape and its rich biodiversity.

  1. The Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

The best time to visit this equatorial island is between October and February when migratory birds flock the shores of this island. It has the richest biodiversity with an exquisite bird population. There are around twenty bird species that are endemic to this island. Some of the bird species that you can find in the Galapagos are: Galapagos Penguin, Waved Albatross, Red-Billed Tropicbird, Brown Pelican, Blue-Footed Booby, Nazca Booby, Red-Footed Booby, Frigatebird, Galapagos Hawk, Lava Gull and many more. Many of the birds you’ll see in the Galapagos Islands are rare and exotic.

Discover these great destinations and be amazed at the beauty of birds!

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Travelling as a Woman

If you’re a woman, chances are that your travel experience is a bit different from that of a man. For one thing, you have more to worry about in terms of sexual assault and predators in the streets. However, we’ve put together a guide of everything you need to know in order to have a safe and enjoyable vacation.

Choose Wisely

The first step is to choose your travel destination carefully. You can’t be too careful when it comes to countries that have a bad reputation for kidnapping or slavery. Depending on how large your travel group is, you might want to be careful about some places in Eastern Europe, Africa, or US cities like Memphis or Chicago. Read up on your local government websites; most countries maintain a database of crime states from other countries and advise travelers which places are safe and which ones are not. The US government is very good about this, and their stats are very helpful for anyone traveler from any country.

Go with People

This is true for men and women alike, but don’t travel alone if possible. Books and movies romanticize travelling alone in a place you’ve never been, but we don’t recommend that to anyone unless it’s a very safe city. Travelling alone in Sweden? You’re probably fine. Travelling alone in Egypt? Hmmm… You might want to give that a second thought. Going with a group can cut your chances of being accosted almost in half. Plus, group travel is a lot more fun in most cases, in addition to being much safer.

Stock Up Beforehand!

You need to make sure that you have everything you need before you go. In some countries, even basic supplies like great reusable menstrual pads can be hard to come by. And NEVER drink the water in a foreign country… There can often be pathogens that your body doesn’t recognize that can ruin your vacation quickly. Although you may or may not need it, an international SIM card for your phone can give you a lot of peace of mind. You will have access to a limited number of minutes and data while you’re abroad, so you can use your phone in case of emergency. Be sure and get a list of the emergency numbers of the country you’re visiting beforehand!

The Food

After you’ve stocked up from TopLadiesSecrets.com and bought your SIM card, you’re ready to talk food! Really, there’s just one word of caution here: be careful about seafood. Seafood can really mess your stomach up in other countries if you’re not used to it. Do some research online to find out what foods don’t agree with travelers very well, and be careful about “hole-in-the-wall” restaurants. Little restaurants can often be the key to upset stomachs later.

And that’s that! Do you feel ready to take a trip with your girlfriends this holiday season? Just be safe, stock up, and be sure to have a great time!

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