Visit Brazil

Brazil is one of the South America countries that got most appealing attractions that you have to visit. Brasil is very popular for football as a national sports, the country also boasts for the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu sport. Football has been so famous in Brazil that has produced big names in the football history. The Jiu Jitsu also is very popular and has been held in the country since ancient times. This sport teaches people how to defend themselves. And if you are really into one of those two Brasil is a best place to for training and improvement. Don’t forget to take your bjj gi with you on a Brasil holiday.

However, not only these two attractions do attracts tourists but also there are also some spots that you don’t have to miss as you plan your visit to Brazil. In this article, we’re going to look at five hot spots that you have to spend your holiday.

Fernando de Noronha

It’s located approximately 354 kilometers northeastern coast of Brazil. When you visit Fernando de Noronha, you’ll see the landscapes, wildlife and the beautiful beaches. You can enjoy swimming and snorkeling. It’s easier to learn Portugal as the island is inhabited by Portuguese speaking people. Enjoy basking on the sun as you enjoy the cool breeze.

Ouro Preto

Ouro Preto is one of the historic towns preserved in Brazil. While in this town you will see the Portuguese colonial architecture, the modern building and the sculptured work which makes this city a popular tourist spot. Your holiday won’t be completed without seeing the old churches preserved in this town.

Iguazu Falls

A trip to Iguazu falls is the one that will leave you with memories of Brazil. With 275 falls along this river, the U-shaped Devil’s Throat waterfall is worthy your visit. This fall stretches a height of 82 meters and 269 ft. you can also see the plains of Argentina since the waterfall is located on the border of Brazil and Argentina.

Amazon River

This second largest river in the world is ideal to those tourists who are nature lovers. Explore rain forests that this river is located in. Also you can explore the upper part of the river and enjoy buzzing, boating and spotting animals. The river also holds more than 2,500 species of fish. The lushly greenery environment allows you to take photos that will help you to have that adventurous feeling when you look at it. Don’t miss out touring this river.

Salvador Beaches

These beaches are located in the state of Bahia. The reefs that surround these beaches are something that you won’t miss to explore. The natural pools formed are ideal for children to swim in them. Enjoy playing in the sandy beaches, swimming, sailing and other water activities while on the beach. The breeze from the sea gives you that holiday feeling. Salvador Beaches have made Brazil to stand out as one with best beaches to spend your holiday.

These spots are some of the Brazil tourism that you have to spend your holiday touring them. We believe you will enjoy you holiday in Brazil.



Football In Brasil:

photo credit: @Doug88888

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Museums to Visit in Greece

Exploration is an experience that everybody desires. However, a historical exploration is one that you have to especially when on holiday. Greece is just one of the countries that you have to visit and see the history and culture preserved in these museums. The city of Athens holds several museums that you’ve to visit while on holiday.

In this article we’re going to look at different museums in this rich cultural and historic city that you have to visit and see the ancient features preserved in them. Let’s look at each museum and what it holds that you’ll have to see when exploring these museums.

Acropolis Museum

This museum is located in the city of Athens.  As you walk in this five-story building, you’ll see the ancient beautiful sculptures, adorned Acropolis, standing objects, statues that are displayed in this museum. Don’t miss out to walk on the lower level of this museum where you’ll see excavations of an ancient Athenian neighborhood. This is an experience that you’ll not find it anywhere.

National Archaeological Museum

Bronze statues, Mycenaean gold, marble relief of gods and goddesses and red and black figured vases that are preserved in this museum will capture your sight. The ancient hunting frescoes are also preserved in this national museum and are something that you don’t have to miss out.

Museum of PopularGreek Musical Instruments

Located in the city of Athens, you’ll be welcome with the Greek music that is played with an elderly Greek gentleman. Enjoy this soothing music as you see the traditional music recording instruments preserved in this music. The photos of musicians playing the instruments in the museum will leave you feeling relaxed.

Archaeological Museum of Iraklion

This museum preserves the ancient culture. The museum preserves exquisite gold jewelry, stone figurines, elegant bronze and frescoes. Not only these will make you to visit the museum but the Neolithic, Archaic Greek attracts tourist in this museum. Visit this museum and see the culture preserved in it. This museum is located in the city of Crete.

Archaeological Museum of Chania

This museum has a collection of ancient works. Different artworks of different ages/centuries are preserved in this museum. The museum of Chania attracts visitors for it’s regarded as a provincial museum

As you enjoy your summer holiday in Greece, visit these museums and see the cultures preserved in them. I believe this article has highlighted what you have to see in each and every museum that you will walk in. Go, see and enjoy as well.

photo credit: Tilemahos Efthimiadis

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Spend your Summer in France

Are you looking for an inspiration summer holiday? Don’t be stressed, France is the answer. Enjoy visiting fantastic places some of which have not heard of. Known to many as the city of love, France has more to offer in terms of adventure and tourism adding excitement to your romantic holiday or your honeymoon.

In this article, we’re going to look at those places that you have to spend your summer holiday and that have made France to be among the world class tourists destination.

Palace of Versaillies

The Palace of Versaillies in France shows the opulence and grandeur of the French Monarchy to tourists. The architecture of this palace attracts tourist from all over the world and also the art, antiques, beautiful furniture and the fascinating garden is something that you don’t have to miss.

Mount Saint-Michel

Your holiday will not be completed without visiting Saint-Michel to see the Abbey and Church. This village also has the remains of the medieval ramparts and also holds Saint-Michel museum of history which attracts tourist from all over the world. The historic battlements preserved in the museum are something you don’t have to miss. This is a nice spot to spend your romantic evening walk.

WW1 Battlefields

Spend your summer holiday exploring these world war one fields in France. These fields have attracted tourists for ages now as they come here to see the cemeteries, memorials and see the museum that preserves the story of this war. These fields are preserved to date and they remain significant to the people of France. Take your time and see this sad historic event.

Musee du Louvre

Visit Musee du Louvre and enjoy seeing the artifacts, sculptures and the famous art. What is entailed is here, is not a day thing but is something that you have to prepare to spend a day.  This Louvre has a museum that displays about 35,000 art works from all over the world. You’ll see the Egyptian antiquities, Greek, Islamic art, Roman antiquities, paintings, drawings and prints in this museum. This is a rare experience that you will find it only while touring France.

Pont du Gard

Wind up you holiday by visiting this iconic bridge. You will be thrilled as you’ll see the Roman marvel up close while on this bridge. The museum besides the bridge that displays the engineering work used to build the bridge will leave you contented.

We believe this article has highlighted spots that you were not aware and that you have to visit if you’ve planned to spend your summer holiday in France.

photo credit: Bernard Blanc

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Travelling is a favorite pastime for many individuals and global tourism has become a business industry on its own as different regions have continued to up their efforts over the years with regard to attracting more visitors to their particular spot in the world. One essential element in one’s travelling itinerary is the initial collection of information on the particular place that they plan to visit. That’s what we’re here for! It is important for one to know a little about the country they are travelling to especially if they plan to be responsible for the level of enjoyment they are able to partake in. Exploring is always a good way of discovering new things but this does not always relate to every situation. People visiting new countries for example may find that knowing a little bit about the place they are going to helps in planning the activities they aim to take part in upon their arrival.

These are just some of the most important elements that a traveler should look out for when planning a great vacation:

  1. Travel Expenses

The cost of travelling to a destination should always be the first thing that is considered by people planning on taking a vacation. The cost is what initially determines the viability of the destination as it would not be wise to attempt travelling to a place that they may not afford to reach. There are a number of factors that affect the cost of travelling to a particular destination. Some of these factors include details such as the means of transportation that one plans on using. Air travel in most cases is the most expensive option available to an individual while depending on the destination chosen one is able to make use of other means such as road and water transport. It should be noted that apart from the costly expenses of air travel, it also the fastest means of travel in most cases. Individuals who may wish to save on money can either choose an alternative means of transport or develop a combination of all the various options that is better suited to their budget.

  1. Available Activities

The activities an individual plans to take part in should also determine the destination that one settles on and not the other way around. This is in order to buff up the preparation process as well as to enable the individual to properly put their finances in order for the upcoming trip.

As an example, imagine you’d want to partake in an epic water adventure. After some research, you might reach a conclusion that kayaking is one of the neat activities you should probably get to know, now.  Getting to know the art of kayaking (here’s a good place to start:, for example, then the destination should be one where you’ll be able to get full use of the product in question (nice kayak) and thus a little bit of research is needed in such occasions. Looking up the activities that available in the particular destination will also help an individual in determining the particular region they would visit upon arrival.

  1. Weather

The weather is another element that should initially be taken into consideration when one is planning on taking a trip to a particular destination. The kind of weather available at a certain region at the time of travel will determine various elements such as the type of clothes that one should pack for the trip.

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When spring arrives, you can see the world around you bloom again in full splendor.  Flowers blooming in spring indicate the impending arrival of warm weather. Spring is the best time in the year to visit beautiful gardens. Here are some exquisite gardens you would certainly enjoy visiting.

Laz Pozas, Mexico

This garden situated in the subtropical rainforest region in Mexico is the creation of Edward James a surrealist art patron, eccentric and poet. Created to emulate Garden of Eden this place has waterfalls, concrete structures and numerous exotic and beautiful tropical plants scattered over a huge area of about 80 acres.

Jardin Canario, Canary Islands

Canary Islands are a tiny group situated in the northwest African coast. The Jardin Botanico Canrio Viera y Clavijo has several fascinating plants of which the notable section is the Garden of Succulents and Cacti, which has over 10,000 plants.

Katsura Imperial Villa, Japan

The gardens surrounding this villa are spectacular. These symbolize the traditional Japanese gardening skills. Built during the early 1600s by Katsura royal family, the garden has breathtaking landscaping done with several bridges, a pond, some cherry trees and many more. Seeing the exquisite gardens a visitor is sure to become enthralled and take to gardening. With the advanced technology available now like the led grow lights available at it is possible to grow a garden easily without worrying about the weather changes.

Butchart Gardens, Canada

The area occupied by the Butchart Gardens was initially a limestone quarry owned by Robert Pim Butchart in Victoria, British Colombia. When the limestone was exhausted, the sunken pit attracted Butchart’s wife, Jennie who turned it into a sunken garden. The success of the garden made her add on other gardens that exist now such as Japanese garden, Italian garden, and rose garden. These gardens are now regarded as the best gardens worldwide.

Keukenhof, Netherlands

The tulip gardens in Netherlands are world famous, and have been featured in many films and television shows. This garden is the largest in the world and although the flowers are in endless rows, you will never get tired of them.

Versailles, France

The Versailles gardens were originally built to appease King Louis XIV who was well known for his decadent and luxurious lifestyle. Each and every detail of the garden has been meticulously done without overlooking even a single part making it a dream come true for landscape enthusiasts.

Kirstenbosch,South Africa

This garden is present right at the bottom of Cape Town’s Table Mountain. The place is known for its spectacular scenery in addition to the superb collection of flowers and plants. This garden stands apart from the rest, as it not only looks appealing, but is also focused on preserving some of the plant varieties that are indigenous to this area. This makes the place extremely special and a must visit place. The region is also home to some of the extinct and endangered plants in the locality. The garden aims at propagating these rare species and introducing them again to their original habitat.

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Sightseeing in Finland

Most often people prefer sunny and tropical spots for their vacation. Countries like Finland, which fall in the arctic region, do not feature much in the popular destinations that people select. This may be one of the reasons for the relatively serene and untouched beauty of Finland.

From Turku and Helsinki, which highlight artistic talent spectacularly to the boreal forest depth and the sparsely inhabited archipelago on the outer side, the country has much to reveal to the discerning tourist. The country offers something for everyone with its historical and cultural attractions and the scenic countryside serve an excellent backdrop for both summer and winter activities. Here are some best spots, which will make your trip to Finland worthwhile.


The capital city of Finland is where you can see the best art and entertainment that the country has to offer. The city has some of the finest museums, restaurants, art galleries and of course shopping.  You can easily spend an entire week touring the city and reveling in its cultural splendor. The places of interest here include

  • Finlandia Hall
  • Senate Square
  • Suomenlinna
  • Underground Rock Church
  • Hameenlinna Castle
  • Provoo historic town

For those who love history and art, the museums here offer a stunning collection. The Finnish National Museum and Open Air Folk Museum are some important places to visit. Turku, the erstwhile capital of the country is another important place, which has splendid architecture and cultural attractions. The countryside surrounding Helsinki has numerous lakes and forests to explore. The Finnish saunas are part of the country’s culture and you can see several modern heated swimming pools here that offer luxury and comfort.


This autonomous archipelago is present between Finland and Sweden and is a Swedish-speaking area predominantly. The island’s economy is dependent on trade and shipping.  The Maritime Wuarter, Maritime Museum, and Museum Ship Pommern are great places that highlight the history of the island wonderfully. The island unspoiled by nature with its stunning landscape is famous for its Midsummer Eve celebrations. Visitors can enjoy the great food, visit art galleries, and studios. Some of the sauna’s here use solar power for heating. You can also find swimming pools with solar heating which the locals attest to as being of best quality, check out this site for more info.


This town is situated on a narrow and long lake named Vanajavesi. The southernpart is bordered by Hattelmala hills.  The Aulanko Park and red bridge castle are important tourist landmarks here. The chief industry here is timber processing.


This is a quaint little city situated in the northern border of Jyvasjarvi Lake, which is connected to Lake Paijanne via Aijalansalmi strait. This is an industrial town known for its wood and metal works. The trade fairs held here annually are very famous.

 Northern Lights

As one of the key attractions in Finland, Northern Lights offer a spectacular treat to visitors. The blazing lights decorating the sky are wonderful to behold.  Lapland is the best place to view their beauty especially in the months of March and September. Several hotels in the Northern countryside cater to people who have come specifically to view the Northern Lights.

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Brightening up Your Life by Traveling

Are you tired of going through the same old routine? Bored with seeing the same people and the same places, day in and day out? If this sounds like you, then you probably need a little vacation. Even traveling outside of your comfort zone can help to shake things up and make life a little more interesting again, so it needn’t be some unbelievably expensive trip that breaks the bank either. Brightening up your life by traveling is easy enough, and affordable too if you’re willing to use cheaper transportation, or use less expensive accommodations. Everybody ought to know how to budget after all.

Finding and exploring new horizons is an inherently human thing. It’s in our bones. Our ancestors have done it for thousands and thousands of years, and we’re still doing it today, at least those intrepid ones amongst us. After all this time, all the world’s civilizations and the entire world’s people throughout our time on this planet, would you believe there are still places that haven’t been explored? Discovered, yes, for the most part, except for the occasional flyspeck of an island. But there are many corners which still haven’t been perused, even today.

That said, you may not want to travel down the beaten path. Rather than visiting somewhere lots of people regularly go, you might be the kind of person who wants to go solo, somewhere nobody goes. It probably won’t brighten things up the way some artificial lights might, but being the first person to set foot in a place is an increasingly rare experience, something people will pay great deals of money, or travel far distances, or brave major dangers to try and accomplish. People like this are a modern day Lewis or Clarke, venturing where nobody has gone before to tell the rest of us about it (hopefully).

The world is full of inhospitable places, and if you’re looking to be the first man or woman somewhere, these make a great place to start your search. Will you cut a swath through a jungnle filled with tropical vegetation and animals? Will you reach heights nobody else has ever reached, topping mountains whose summits have never before been reached? Perhaps your destination isn’t even on the land but rather under the sea, at depths where people only dare to go, even today? It’s really kind of romantic when you think about it.

If you’re unsure of where to go, well that’s exactly what we’re here to help with. Take a little time to browse the rest of our website and find traveling and trip ideas, and plenty of them at that. We specialize in helping people find interesting places to go, and if you’ve already read this far, we probably have something good to offer you. Traveling with good friends is almost always better than going it alone though, especially if you’re heading for unknown parts of the world. Do keep that in mind if you’re thinking of disappearing for a while.

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A Visit To Kenya

Choosing destinations when taking a vacation can be a daunting task for individuals who may have had the pleasure of travelling the world to a broad extent or may be searching for something more adventurous.

Although Europe and the Americas have many experiences to offer, none are similar to the one’s in other countries around the world with one of these in particular being Kenya. Kenya is a wonderful place to travel to for those looking to get away from the snow and cold weather in their countries as it is located on the equator and thus boasts an attractive climate for those more used to colder conditions.

It is a country located in the Eastern part of Africa and has one of the most thriving economies in the continent in recent years. It is for this and many other reasons that the country has become a popular destination for many tourists around the globe.

What to do while in Kenya

There are a number of activities that one is able to do while they are in this beautiful country and the options vary for those who may have different wants and needs. These different opportunities are found in various parts of the nation and thus it would be advisable for one to buy a pair of comfortable nursing shoes if they plan on traversing through all the various tourism attractions that are available in this East African region. Some of the activities that are readily available for those who may choose to come to include:

  1. Wildlife Tourism

Kenya happens to have a proud collection of wildlife animals that can be considered to be one of the best in the continent. The country is home to the famous African Big 5 which consists of the Lion, the Buffalo, the Rhino, the Elephant and the Leopard. These animals were referred to as the big 5 initially by hunters who came into the region.

The name was derived from these animals being the hardest to hunt down while on foot. Kenya is also part-home to the Mara crossing which happens to be one of the wonders of the world. One is able to catch this phenomenon in action depending on the time of year that one visits the country.

  1. Coastal Tourism

Kenya also happens to have some beautiful beaches in its coastal regions and these can serve as ideal destinations for those who are more intent on relaxing and enjoying themselves during their trip. The white sandy beaches offer the ideal locations for setting up for the day and working on a person’s sun tan or perhaps finishing a favorite book.

It should be noted that the coastal regions are hotter and more humid than other parts of the country but the weather is not unbearable and can actually serve to individuals advantage at times such as during the night when there is no need to dress up in layers of clothes in order to attain warmth.

No matter what particular kind of tourism an individual may choose, leisure or adventure, one is guaranteed to have a good time when visiting this exotic region.

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Holidays aren’t much fun, if you don’t have any trip planned. Visiting new places aren’t only fun but help you get a new perspective on different aspects of your life including personal and professional. While visiting the popular tourist destinations is the usual thing that people go for, recently the adventurous holiday trips are more in vogue among vacationers. If you are keen on adventure trips in Europe here are some fresh ideas that are sure to chase away the boredom, clear the cobwebs, and keep you alive and vibrant.

Canoeing in Portugal

Portugal coast offers plenty of adventure sports for the brave traveler. The volcanic archipelago- Azores and Furnas in Sao Miguel are places that have diverse activities to enjoy. From deep sea diving and climbing the mountains to canoeing in volcanic crater and swimming, the country has much to offer.

Cycling in Czech Republic

Vienna and Prague are popular destinations for their art galleries and of course the cheap beer. However, these are not why you need to visit the place. The beauty of the land here is something precious and untouched that you will be beholden at first sight.

The stunning valleys with Bohemian villages and endless hills make the place a paradise on earth not just for cycling but also for a drive through. The hiking routes are pristine and spectacular. You can also sign up, for some hunting expeditions here. Having the right tools for your adventure trip is important as it can enhance your adventure and make you enjoy it more. When I go on hunting trips, I make it a point to take along my special tactical knives, which I buy at

Winter in Sweden

Swedish wilderness is home to Siberian jays, woodpeckers, golden eagles, and bullfinches. Even if the winter is harsh here, if you are up to it, the trip is worthwhile. The remote forest regions can be explored in snowmobile. You get plenty of birds to photograph and watch here.

Walking in Faroe Islands

Faroe Islands consist of 18 islands, all volcanic, situated between Iceland and Scotland in the Norwegian Sea. You can walk in the Amabadalur valley and in Saksun village, which has a breathtaking route that passes by the tidal lagoon. Klaksvik, the largest town located between fjords and mountains, is also a must visit place here.

Mountain climbing in France

The highest mountain in Western Europe, Mont Blanc provides the right place for an exciting mountain climbing expedition. The mountain can be accessed via three routes. Of the three, the Gouter Route is a tough one requiring high level of fitness. I initially attended the practice climbs and some training before I started on the trip. It was worth it!

Another interesting place for mountain climbing is the Via Ferrata in Dolomites, Italy. The ‘iron roads’ of the First World War pass through an interesting array of mountain tunnels, swaying bridges, rusty ladders and around the limestone ranges, which is an exhilarating experience any adventurous tourist should try at least once in his or her lifetime. The Dolomites features over 200 routes making it easy to choose one suitable for you.

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Best Beaches in the World to Have a Perfect VacationIf you’re worn out and tired from your day-to-day activities, maybe it’s time for a vacation! When dreaming up the perfect vacation, most people imagine a beautiful beach with white sand, clear waters, and palm trees stretching as far as the eye can see. If this is your idea of a great vacation, we have good news – these beaches actually exist. They are the best location to have a perfect vacation, so if this is the right fit for you, take a look at these fantastic beaches we have picked out:

  1. El Nido – The area of Palawan is still not very famous, although it is not clear why. It is paradise on Earth. The sand beaches, the crystal clear waters, the romantic palms swaying on the wind…This area boasts over fifty sand beaches, each more beautiful than the other. And if none of this leaves you breathless, just wait for the day to end and let the sunset sweep you away.
  2. Puglia – The small place of Puglia is definitely the location of some of the best beaches in Italy. The pristine sandy shores immerse you perfectly into the Italian life – food, drinks and relaxation. The sand is amazingly white, the water incredibly clear, and the sun just perfect. There are many charming and affordable hotels in the small town of Porto Cesareo located nearby.
  3. Matira Beach – This is the most popular beach in Tahiti. Located on Bora Bora, it is more than a mile long, and resides on a beautiful blue lagoon. The white sand will tickle your toes as you take in the sun or chill in the shade of the palm trees-
  4. Calabria – Another one of Italy’s gems, the beach in Calabria is not very famous, but it definitely should be. It is beautiful and not too cluttered. An extra bonus is the charming old town sprawling with narrow alleys and lovely shops selling handmade items. You can also eat in one of the famous trattorias.
  5. Doctor’s Cave Beach – This beach in Montego Bay, Jamaica, was named after a doctor who donated the beach (which was his property) to form a swim club. The water is pristine, and the sand supple. The only other thing you can ask for is nice weather and a drink in your hand – and here they have both!
  6. Blinky Beach – This Australian gem is a great beach for surfing, as well as swimming and snorkelling. It is located in Queensland, which is famous for its beaches. The azure waters will enchant you and keep you coming back for more. Tourism is popular here, so you’ll be able to relax in a beach chair while drinking an awesome cocktail, as well as dine in a beachside restaurant or rent some surfing equipment. This beach offers it all – both the active and relaxed vacation!
  7. Anse Lazio – This sandy-rocky beach on the north of Praslin Island is famous for being the most beautiful beach in the Seychelles. And for a good reason! The beach is very broad with reddish soft sand and amazingly blue waters. The only thing that breaks the stillness of the beach are the palms swaying on the wind in front of gigantic granite boulders which perfectly frame the amazing view.
  8. Agia Varvara – this cute beach is located on the island of Corfu, in Greece. The beach is crawling with various nationalities and people from all walks of life. Families will feel especially welcome here since this is not your typical party beach, but a place of relaxation and enjoyment. So come on down and swim, surf, or just lay in the sand enjoying the sun!
  9. Waipio Valley Beach – This beach is extremely difficult to get to, but amazingly worth the effort. It’s located on Big Island in Hawaii, and the path to it leads you down a narrow and steep road. It’s more than an hour’s hike, but the mile-long beach makes it worth it. The black volcanic sand is dazzling, and it is encompassed by black-green cliffs and thick rainforest. There are also a couple of waterfalls which come out of the cliffs, and make for the perfect view.
  10. El Castillo – This amazing beach in Mexico is really something special. Apart from the usual stuff that makes a beach great – clear water, lovely sand and lots of sun, here you can also enjoy taking a dip right under towering cliffs atop which sit the famous El Castillo ruins, which can be seen from the shore. This beach is perfect for people who love history and culture, but would still like to take some time and enjoy their vacation while relaxing.
  11. Fraser Island – Australia is well known as the location for numerous incredible beaches, but none is as famous and lovely as this one. Fraser Island is a World Heritage Site, and it is the largest sand island in the world. Its coloured beach is really something special. It can definitely compete with Whitehaven Beach and even the popular Great Barrier Reef.
  12. Lopes Mendes – Two miles of pristine and untouched natural beach? Of course! Just visit the Lopes Mendes Beach in Brazil. The water is really unbelievably clear, and many people come here again and again, never tiring of the perfection that it offers. The almond trees are abundant, and they are perfect for a quick nap between swims. It is well worth the three hour drive it takes to get there. Just make sure you bring your own food and snacks, since there are no shops or restaurants at the beach itself.

There you go! Our pick for the top 12 beaches which are definitely worth visiting. Each and every one is beautiful and enchanting, and it’s up to you to pick your favourite. When you do, all that’s left is to save up some money, and start planning your perfect vacation. So pack your bags and get going – make your perfect vacation come true!

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Getting away from work, friends, relatives and everything else is a major reason people go on vacations. However, how many of us are really on vacation when we venture far from home? With activities to plan, groups to go sightseeing with, local cuisine to try and other things to do, who really relaxes anymore? While I’m sure the numbers probably aren’t as bad as I think, I’m also sure that lots of people who go on vacations aren’t enjoying themselves as much as they could be. That’s why I wanted to write about setting up a pampered holiday, whether it’s for yourself or someone else.

A big part of any real vacation is getting away from the stress of everyday life. What’s the point if you’re going to be dealing with the same demanding boss, spouse, children, relatives and other people in your life who are causing you stress? Taking some personal time which is actually personal time is important to maintaining your sanity when you have a dozen or more people in your life constantly trying to pull you in just as many different directions. For a perfectly pampered holiday then, you should cut off contact with people for a time and look to do something that makes you feel good.

That’s not to say you should totally disappear. Be sure to tell friends and family before you go on a vacation, just in case something happens. But it won’t hurt to turn your phone off for a day or two. Or seven. As for that special something that makes you feel good, that’s all up to you. Some people like to get a new look to go with their new surroundings, even if the trip is only a temporary one. A visit with to a nail technician, a hair stylist and a few other specialists will surely make this happen. It’s a good opportunity to try the popular styles in a foreign country, too.

Take things at your own pace. There’s really no better advice that could be given for how to enjoy a vacation more. When you first arrive, take your time settling in; get acclimated with the place you’ll be spending the next several days of your life. Try out the local radio and any newspapers if you feel like finding something to do, or just go out for a walk and see what finds you instead. You could always stay in your room and just enjoy being far away from all things familiar, but this could probably be accomplished without traveling far from home.

After pampering your senses and your body, your palette will probably be the next thing to come to mind. Good food and drink can be had in all corners of the world, but every place has its famous dishes. Trying local specialty meats, produce and liquors is something that’s fun to do on every vacation. The best way for this to go is that you find something you really like and then you have plenty of it during the remainder of your vacation. There are other ways to make your vacation more relaxing and soothing, so don’t just stop with what you’ve read here.

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Best concert halls in Europe

I recently had the opportunity to listen to a concert at The Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles. I was awed by the huge concert hall that had about 2,200 seats. The piano concert was soulful and enjoyed by everyone who attended. I was there with my friend who is a piano player.

He plays well, both the new digital models as well as the acoustic one. The hall is home to Los Angeles Master Chorale and Los Angeles Philharmonic orchestra. Visiting the concert hall had me thinking about all other places that are famous for their concert halls. Although there are numerous such halls worldwide, I’ve narrowed down the list to 7 famous places. Read on to know more.

Auditorio de Tenerife

Located in Canary Islands, Spain, this hall was crafted by Santiago Calatrava Valls. Located in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the Canarian capital, in the Avenue of Constitution, this building took about six years to complete. The building is built according to late twentieth century modern architecture model. It is one of the finest buildings in Canary Islands and highlights Spanish architecture in the best way.  This is one of the must visit place for visitors to Canary Islands.

Oslo Opera House

This opera house graces the capital of Norway and is home to The Norwegian National Opera and Ballet. Situated in central Oslo in Bjorvika neighborhood, it is managed by Statsbygg, a government agency that is in charge of Norwegian government. The auditorium has 1,364 seats and 2 additional performing spaces that seat 400 and 200. The exterior designed with white granite and Italian marble give it an appearance of rising out of water. It is the largest ever modern building constructed in Norway since circa 1300, when Nidarosdomen was constructed.

Royal Albert Hall

For a music enthusiast, a visit to London is not complete without seeing a performance done here. Present in South Kensington in Westminster City in London the hall was opened in 1871 by Queen Victoria. Since then most of the leading artists in the world have done performances here.

It is one of the most treasured buildings in England. Every year over 350 events spanning a wide variety of genre ranging from ballet and concerts, to rock, pop and award ceremonies are performed here. Charity events and community and school events too are held here.

Initially it was decided to name the hall as The Central Hall of Arts and Sciences but Queen Victoria changed it to its present name in memory of her late husband Prince Albert. My friend said he’d seen many piano concerts performed here and it was seeing these concerts as a child that he developed a passion for piano music. He loves the advanced digital piano models; check out this site, as they give him more freedom to develop new compositions.

The Copenhagen Concert Hall

Located in Copenhagen, Denmark, this was designed by Jean Nouvel ,while creating the DR Byen, which houses the Danish Broadcasting Corporation. Located in Northern Orestad in Copenhagen, the concert hall has four halls with a seating arrangement that accommodates over 1,800 people. This is home to Danish National Symphony Orchestra.

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Best places to enjoy longboarding

Kids like to stay active all day. You see several kids, on the road, having fun roller skating or longboarding on the streets, whether it is evening, weekdays or during vacations. Longboarding is an enjoyable sport that lets you relish the exhilaration of breezing through the planes.

It is not only kids, but also teenage boys and adults, who enjoy longboarding. Longboarding in addition to being fun to ride on is a relatively inexpensive hobby that anyone can take up on. While longboarding is just plain fun, the excitement is further increased when you longboard in places that are perfect for longboarding. Here are some such places that you should not miss out on.

Col de Turini

Situated in Italy, you can see wonderfully smooth roads that are a dream to longboard on, especially downhill rides. The smooth tarmac along with numerous hairpins gives you an adrenaline rush that cannot be compared to anything else.

Titan’s Path

Present in Norway, this spot has over 30 hairpins continuously. You can camp and longboard to your fill but this is not for the weak hearted. Running over one kilometer in length, the more than thirty percent slope of the bends make it a mean ride indeed.

Red Hill – Simons Town

Located in Simons Town in South Africa this place has simply superb scenery. To escape from the traffic rush, you need to get here early in the day. The five percent slope is great fun to ride and both beginners and pros can ride on this turf.

Cuesta de Lipan

Present in Argentina in Jujuy province, this place is on the Andes Mountains. The longboard spot extends over 11 kilometers long and has about 15 hairpins with ten percent slope. The ideal longboard conditions make it the best place for downhill enthusiasts to visit. Only the greatest longboards can withstand the tough ride here. The Rio Grande passes via Qebrada de Humahuaca canyon at around 1,000 to 3,500 meters.


Located in Región de Coquimbo, Chile, you get perfect roads that only pros manage to longboard in. The thirty percent slope and busy traffic challenges even the best longboarder. The surrounding landscape also offers a picturesque beauty that is simply stunning.

Snake Run

Situated in Camp Woodward in the United States, the name says it all. For pure unbridled fun, the snake runs are perfect. The dynamic structure is made in such a way that more number of skateable elements can be added without spoiling its appeal. The entire snake run links the lower and upper portion of Camp Woodward. A longboarder can slide from the camp at top to the cafeteria below.


Present in Gedern, Germany this is a wonderful spot for both beginners and intermediate riders. The 13 kilometer long, spread offers a relaxing slide for both cruising and dancing. Annually huge longboard meetings, the largest in Germany, are held here.

Spearfish Canyon

This longboard spot extending over 20 kilometers is an awesome spot in the United States. Accessible to all types of riders, the only place where a rider needs to be cautious is, when turning the narrow corners. Great scenery, wonderful surface and a long run are this place’s highlights.

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Exotic places are those that are totally different from what you had seen before. These have a unique appeal that you won’t get to see in your neighborhood. From the barren deserts to quaint little villages by the mountains or the pristine wilderness you are eager to explore, there are some in every continent. Here are some of the best places to visit. Check out these wonderful places, you’re sure to be enthralled by them.


Bagan is one of the densest and biggest conglomerations of stupas and Buddhist temples. Located in central Myanmar it has pagodas and ruins in addition to the temples and stupas many of which date back to the 12th and 11th centuries. Each temple is constructed differently and has an individual spiritual meaning.

Arashimaya Bamboo Forest

Located in Kyoto, Japan this famous forest has several temples and tombs that are wonderful to see. Arashiyama is a popular tourist attraction due to its ancient heritage. Its history dates back to Helan Period that existed between 794 and 1185. This region is popular for its cherry blossom season and the fall color season. There are bamboo groves, small shops, temples and other attractions including the Togetsukyo Bridge that can be explored, while cruising in the pleasure boats available for visitors. The name Arashimaya refers to the wooded mountains on the southern bank of the river, but the whole district is also referred to by the name.

Mendenhall Ice Caves

For those who love their view filled with snow and ice, this is just the place to visit. The caves are formed due to melting of the glacier and are expected to disappear soon. All the more reason to visit the place now! The glacier is 12 mile in length and situated in Mendenhall valley present near Juneau downtown in Southeast part of Alaska. The glacier is under federal protection and part of Tongass National Forest. The glacier was called by two names Aakwtaakshit(which means glacier behind the little lake) and Sitaantaagu (Glacier behind the town).

The ice caves can be seen only by travelling in kayaks and then by climbing on the glacier. Unfortunately, due to global warming the glacier is receding alarmingly. It has receded by nearly 2 miles since 1958, while before that it had gone back only by 0.5 miles in the time from 1500. The caves are surreal and wonderful structures not to be missed.

Białowieża Forest

This forest takes you back to Europe before 14th century. A wonderfully preserved forest, it gives you the exact picture that King Arthur had seen when he went off exploring. Present between Belarus and Poland border, there are broadleaved and conifer trees here. It has the largest European Bison species and is present on the Black Sea and Baltic Sea watershed area.


This place is present in Burma (Myanmar,) is a complex of Buddhist caves. The name denotes mountain of isolated solitary meditation. The caves can be reached through a new bridge built across the river or also through the Nyaungbin village. There are 947 caves filled with statues and artwork that date back to 18th and 17 century with some dating as far back as 14th century. The walls have murals, stories and patterns depicting Jataka tales and the statues are carved from sandstone.

Ngorongoro Crater

Situated in Northern Tanzania, this crater is one of the most beautiful places to go on a safari. It also houses the great Mount Kilimanjaro. This remains an untouched exotic place in Africa. This is the best attraction in Tanzania and a natural wonder. The crater and the highlands surrounding it make it a great place to visit. The stunning backdrops for the craters are made of fertile and rich grazing grounds. The place also has the highest concentration of big game in entire African continent and has the largest volcanic caldera that is intact still.

Caño Cristales

This is a river in South America and is called as liquid Rainbow. While there are many places to visit in South America, this is a must visit place. There are no fish in this river, so you can swim freely. Also referred as ‘river of five colors’ and as ‘the river that ran away from paradise’, the river looks like any other river with a rocky bed, green mosses and a clear and cool water current. During a particular season in a year, the river suddenly explodes into colors of all kind.

This happens between the dry and wet seasons, when the water level attains the right height. The colors are due to plant species that line the floor of the river. These species called macarenia clavigera, change the river into brilliant red color, which is interspersed with green and yellow sand and blue water with several other shades.

Mount Roraima

This is a mountain is South America. The mountain is considered by the locals as a mighty tree that had borne all the vegetables and fruits present in the world. This is also the highest in the Pakaraima mountain range in South America. The mountain has one of the most beautiful natural geological forms that were created over two billion years back. The mountain includes the borders of Guyana, Venezuela and Brazil.


This is the capital city of ancient empire of Khmer and houses the historic Angkor Wat. This is the largest temple in the world and one of the most appealing places in Cambodia. The surrounding jungle gives the appearance of the trees engulfing the temple and taking it back. If you are going to visit South East Asia, do visit Phuket Island in Thailand!

Kawachi Fuji Gardens

Present in Japan this place is located at five hours from the capital city, Tokyo when you travel by Nozomi train. The garden consists of a 15 km long beautiful fairy tale tunnel that should be seen in the month of April for the best view. There are nearly 20 different plant species in all colors. Kawachi Fuji Gardens grows various types of exotic plants, which you are also able to grow at home.

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Bodybuilding around the World

No matter what part of the globe you may find yourself visiting, the odds are good there are some sort of bodybuilding, strength or endurance competitions you could see firsthand. Chiseled abs, defined pectorals and muscles are appreciated pretty much everywhere and men and women are always looking to prove they’re the strongest in a crowd, so it really isn’t too hard to find a competition. The real difficulty is being in the right place at the right time and that’s what we want to help you with today. Here are a few notable competitions and organizations from around the world.

The International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness, or IFBB, is pretty much the main go-to for bodybuilding competitions. It draws in competitors from every corner of the world and is essentially the greatest bodybuilding event on Earth. With events hosted in the USA, Australia, Spain, Kuwait and even Brazil, the IFBB has its hands in bodybuilding almost anywhere you might go. In fact, if you see any competition at all, the odds are good that the IFBB has something to do with it. The organization is huge and its reach is far, making the IFBB website a great first stop for bodybuilding contests.

Because 2014 is coming to a close, many enthusiasts are looking to 2015 for events coming up in the next year. The Arnold Classic Columbia starts on March 5, 2015 and between that and the Joe Weider Legacy Cup event, the time for which has yet to be determined, IFBB will be hosting over two dozen different competitions – and that’s just all the bodybuilding from this one, single organization. If you’re looking for something on a smaller scale, there are plenty of lesser known events to find as well, but to do this you will probably be better off performing an independent search of whatever area you’re in, currently.

If you’re looking to get in on a bodybuilding competition rather than go and be an audience member, then you’re going to need to get buff – seriously buff. If you haven’t seen the guys and girls who compete in these things before, you have no idea how buff you’ll need to be, just to have a chance at taking a prize back home with you. There are different weight classes just like in boxing, so if you’re naturally a smaller person, that won’t automatically disqualify you from competing. With the help of something like a GARAGE GYM PRO, you could get the body you need for this.

There are supplements that go along with exercise and can help you to build muscle, too. I’m not talking about steroids or anything illegal like that, but you might consider picking up some whey protein, creatine, casein and other supplements to bulk up and get ripped. Using these supplements before and after workouts, and even when you wake up in the morning, can help you exponentially boost your results by giving your body more of the fuel it needs to get into the shape you want for it.

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The Worlds Best Boxing

If you hopped on a plane to go and see the World Cup Finals earlier this year, then you might also be interested in visiting other locations to get a glimpse of sporting events there as well. Boxing is one of the oldest sports in the world and also one of the most popular – regardless of where you go, the majority of people love to see a good fight. It’s not just boxing either; kickboxing, MMA, jiu-jitsu, muay thai and other combat sports all bring in big crowds too. If boxing is something you enjoy watching, you might want to consider taking a trip to one or more of the following places.

Macau might not ring as the kind of place one would go for good boxing, but with the discovery of talents like Manny Pacquiao, it’s definitely one of the hottest spots for boxing in the world today. It’s a great place to see good fights, even if you probably won’t get to see any of the heavier weight classes being represented. Pacquiao might not ring any bells here, but he’s pretty much a star in The People’s Republic of China, where his fights are regular sellouts. You might even get to see him fighting, if you happen to be in town at the right time.

The Irish Amateur Boxing Association essentially handles every aspect of amateur fighting in Ireland, where boxing could be considered a little less of a sport and a little more of just watching two guys climb into a ring and beat each other senseless. Some boxing fans think amateur fights are even better than the professionals; both because there’s far less hype surrounding them and the actual fighters are hungrier for a win than their better-paid counterparts. Admittedly, you could probably find good amateur boxing anywhere, but Ireland does have some of the best in the world, gloves down.

The United States of America is a country famous for pooling talented people from around the world – scientists, engineers, philosophers and yes, even boxers. It could very well be the best place in the world to go to see a good bout, but this too depends on when (and where) you visit. Professional boxing is a highly competitive, highly profitable sport there, where fighters are often aiming to win endorsements and cash purses in addition to their fights. The States are famous for fights with press and exposure all over the world.

These are just a few of the best places to go if you’re looking to see a good old knockdown, drag out fight. It’s a fact that boxing is popular in other parts of the world as well, but if you’re looking for the biggest and best fights, China, Ireland and the USA all offer better prospects than most of the rest of the world, making them stand out quite well. These three places also offer plenty of other sports entertainment too, but be sure to do some research before making your trip so you’ll be guaranteed something to do once you get there.

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